8510 - Activités d’enseignement préprimaire et primaire

regime assessment (for the country)

Dictionnaire des entités: régime (signification)
Dictionnaire des interactions: Domaine suivi et évaluation

  • Description CITI de 8510 - Activités d’enseignement préprimaire et primaire (activity)
  • Description CPC Ver. 2 du (produit/service): Check Actor Atlas sector map for CPC correspondences of the provision of instruction designed primarily to introduce very young children to a school-type environment and instruction that gives students a sound basic education in reading, writing and mathematics along with an elementary understanding of other subjects such as history, geography, natural science, social science, art and music. Such education is generally provided for children, however the provision of literacy programmes within or outside the school system, which are similar in content to programmes in primary education but are intended for those considered too old to enter elementary schools, is also included. Also included is the provision of programmes at a similar level, suited to children with special needs education. Education can be provided in classrooms or through radio, television broadcast, Internet, correspondence or at home. This class includes:- pre-primary education and primary education. This class also includes: special education for handicapped students at this level, and the provision of literacy programmes for adults.
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